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Prince Talen Jacek has lived a cursed existence for over two thousand years, sacrificing his life so that strangers may live. Live, die, regenerate. It’s a cycle he can’t escape. He is the legendary Black Phoenix. And he can never experience true love…

At least, that’s what he has always believed.

Until he sets his eyes on the enemy’s next victim.

Every morning, computer programmer Keri Maddox gets up, goes through her daily grind, and returns home to a frozen meal and a book. Her life may not be filled with glamour or excitement or crazy burning-up-the-sheets sex, but predictability can never be overrated.

At least, that’s what she has always believed.

Until she discovers Talen in her apartment.

Wearing only a bath towel.

Suddenly her safe and tidy world is yanked from under her feet. And it’s not just because of what’s hidden under that towel.

Warning: Contains a sexy, dominant man with a fierce body, a hot tattoo and an unconventional use for scarves…and many scrumptious scenes displaying his finer assets. Sex. Explicit sex. More sex. Hot sex with light bondage. And did I mention the tattoo?

Cover Reveal: HOPELESSLY BROKEN by Tamryn Ward


High school drop-out, full time novelist, and now mother–and father–to her younger brother, Jenn Reynolds doesn’t have time for anything anymore but work, work, work. Not school. And definitely not a social life. Dating? Yeah, right. No matter how hard she tries to put her life back together, it keeps crumbling apart. The first blow–the sudden death of her parents–started the destruction. Now, her life is spinning out of control, and she has no one to turn to. She is about to lose the only thing that matters anymore–her brother.But there’s one option–one incredibly risky, terrifying solution. If Jenn can find someone she can trust, he just might be able to help her stem the devastation.


But who would it be? Aeron, the totally mysterious, totally dangerous stranger she has just met? Or Bobby, the devastatingly gorgeous guy who has already broken her heart once?

Depending upon what their secrets are, they both might make things worse. Much, much worse.

And now a sample from HOPELESSLY BROKEN

She wouldn’t give up. Hell no. She knew he wanted her. She wanted him. It was time to end this fucking game.

She moved her mouth over his, caressing his tight lips with hers. Again, and again. Finally, his drawn mouth softened. It slid across hers. A deep rumble vibrated in his chest, sounding like a low growl. One of his arms looped around her back and pulled her flush against him.

And just like that, the kiss changed. All the passion he had been holding back came out in his kiss. It was a raw and fierce claiming. His tongue shoved into her mouth as his hand slid down to cup her ass.

Shuddering at the intensity, Jenn clung to him. It was scary how powerful, how overwhelming his need for her was. He wasn’t just kissing her, he was possessing her. Her mouth. Her body. Her very soul. He somehow spun her around and crushed her back against a wall. His tongue thrust in and out of her mouth, an erotic dance. He scooped her up and as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Ah the pressure against her heated center felt so good.

A little whimper slid up her throat. He swallowed it.

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Billionaire Shane Trant is used to getting what he wants. What he can’t buy, he takes. When he sees Bristol Deatrich for the first time in over ten years, he knows he wants her. But there’s a problem. Only complete possession of her mind and body will satisfy him. He’s not sure the sweet little Bristol is ready for his brand of extreme carnal play.

But that’s not going to stop him from trying. After all, he learned a long time ago, nobody wins if they don’t take risks. If this risk pays off, they’ll both win.





A Steamy Alpha Billionaire story to heat up your Kindle

What He Wants by Tawny Taylor

Billionaire Shane Trant is used to getting what he wants. What he can’t buy, he takes. When he sees Bristol Deatrich for the first time in over ten years, he knows he wants her. But there’s a problem. Only complete possession of her mind and body will satisfy him. He’s not sure the sweet little Bristol is ready for his brand of extreme carnal play.

But that’s not going to stop him from trying. After all, he learned a long time ago, nobody wins if they don’t take risks. If this risk pays off, they’ll both win.

He growled, hooked an arm around my waist and whirled around so I was flat against the wall and his body was holding me there.

Oh. My. God.

His mouth descended upon mine, his tongue shoved its way in, and within seconds, I was writhing against him while he kissed me into a coma.

I felt him scoop me up into his arms. He was carrying me, walking, while our tongues mated and battled. I was losing the war, ready to surrender to him, to the fierce heat boiling in my veins, to the blinding need he’d sparked in my body. He broke the kiss, stared down at me with eyes full of male hunger. “I’m sorry, Bristol. I can’t let you go now. I can’t.”

We kissed again, and again, as he carried me into the dungeon. At some point he set me on my feet, but I was too shaky to stand, and I wasn’t about to let him stop kissing me. I hung onto his neck, arms wrapped tightly, and lost myself in his aggressive, demanding, plundering kiss.

I’d been kissed plenty of times, but never like that.

Never like the man couldn’t get enough.

Never like he was staking a claim.

Never like he was conquering me.

When the kiss ended–not my choice–I clung to him and fought to catch my breath.

“Wow,” I murmured. My gaze started at his mouth but quickly moved to the closest piece of torture furniture. I felt myself backing up.

“You’ve never been in a dungeon, correct?” he asked, hands sliding down my sides.


He blocked my exit with his hulking body, held me at the hips. “If I do something you don’t like, say, Red.”

“Red?” I echoed, trying to wiggle my way free. I wasn’t ready for this. That kiss. It was the kiss’s fault I was in here. I didn’t belong here, no.

He cut me off completely, cornering me against another wall, his body a giant obstacle I couldn’t push past. He caged my head between his hands, arms stretched out. His eyes were dark, hard. “You may beg me to stop, but I won’t. You may plead with me and cry, but I won’t stop. But if you say red, I will cease immediately.”

“Red,” I muttered.

His fingertip trailed down the side of my face, down my jaw, my throat to the center of my breastbone. I sucked in a deep breath and fought to regain my composure. But he was so big and so sexy and so intimidating, I couldn’t speak. “I promise I won’t be too hard on you this first time.” He closed his hands around my waist, forcing me deeper into the room.

Ohmygod, what was happening?





Call for Submissions: Cleis Press


Best Erotic Romance 2012
Editor: Kristina Wright
Publisher: Cleis Press
Publication Date: Winter 2012
Submission Deadline: April 15 (earlier submissions preferred!)
Payment: $100 per story and 2 copies of the book, on publication

I am thrilled to announce I am editing the first annual Best Erotic Romance anthology to be published by Cleis Press. This inaugural collection of erotic romance will feature the very best of the erotic romance genre.

In erotic romance, the sexual component is critical to the development of the romantic relationship. According to Romance Writers of America, a romance must include two key elements: a central love story and an emotionally-satisfying, optimistic ending. So be sure to give me a romantic story with scorching hot sex and a happily-ever-after or happy-for-now ending. Consider the work of authors Portia Da Costa, Lauren Dane, Sylvia Day, Delilah Devlin, Megan Hart, Joey W. Hill, Susan Johnson, Lora Leigh, Shannon McKenna, Kate Pearce, Robin Schone, Bertrice Small, Shiloh Walker and Sasha White to get an idea of what I am looking for.

Any time period is welcome, but I have a preference for contemporary settings. This collection will be primarily heterosexual and stories should be written with a female audience in mind. Stories may include lesbian and bisexual elements, triads, polyandrous relationships or group encounters. No incest, bestiality or underage characters, please.

Submission Guidelines: Unpublished stories only, no simultaneous submissions. The desired story length is 2,000-4,500 words. Double-space and indent the first line of each paragraph. Do not put extra spaces between paragraphs. Include your full contact information (legal name/pseudonym, mailing address and phone number) and a bio of 50 words or less written in the third person. Please paste your story into the body of your e-mail and attach it as a Microsoft Word .doc file.

Payment will be $100 per story and 2 copies of the book upon publication. Contributors retain the rights to their stories. I will notify contributors of their acceptance in August, but please note that Cleis Press has final approval over the manuscript.

Send your submission to with Submission: Story Title in the subject line. Please direct any questions to the same address.

About the editor:
Kristina Wright’s ( first anthology, Fairy Tale Lust: Erotic Fantasies for Women is nominated for a Reviewers’ Choice Award by RT Book Reviews and was featured hardcover alternate of the Doubleday Book Club. Her second anthology, Dream Lover: Paranormal Stories of Erotic Romance, will be out in May 2011. Kristina’s erotica and erotic romance fiction has appeared in eighty print anthologies, including With This Ring, I Thee Bed (Harlequin Spice); Bedding Down: A Collection of Winter Erotica (Avon Red); Nice Girls, Naughty Sex (Seal Press); three editions of Best Women’s Erotica (Cleis Press); four editions of Best Lesbian Erotica (Cleis Pess); six editions of the Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica (Running Press) and the erotic romance collections Seduction, Liaisons and Sexy Little Numbers (Black Lace). She received the Golden Heart Award for Romantic Suspense from Romance Writers of America for her first novel Dangerous Curves, which was published by Silhouette Books. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Passionate Ink. She is also a book reviewer for the Erotica Readers and Writers Association and the book club moderator for the Naked Reader Book Club at She holds degrees in English and Humanities and teaches English Composition and World Mythology at the community college level.

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And do you like Hot, sexy stories? Check this out!

, Book Two Eden Bradley’s Midnight Playground series, is out today from Samhain Publishing! You can find it at MBaM, Amazon, and other retail outlets!

An ancient vampire, an ancient grief…a love that makes his blood sing…

Midnight Playground, Book 2

London, 2069

Aleron is ancient, powerful, immortal…a vampire who idles away his time playing at his favorite haunt, Midnight Playground. His favorite toys: beautiful young men. His game: BDSM, experiencing through the minds of his partners the sensations he can no longer quite feel himself.
The one thing he has vowed to avoid at all costs is love, especially for a woman. In a hundred years he has never been tempted to break that vow—until a lovely mortal woman enters his dungeon to watch him play. And his blood hums the ancient song of long-forgotten desire.
Raised in the Indian slums of London, exotic dancer Meeraj enters Midnight Playground a woman with nothing left to lose, numb to all but the most extreme forms of stimulation. As she watches Aleron’s blood play, she knows only his razor-sharp skills will satisfy. And she catches an odd mental glimpse of the grief that shadows his heart.
From their first touch, they are caught up in a whirlwind of exquisite agony that releases their emotions from the weight of the past. Exposing them to risks they’ve both fought to avoid. Love…and loss.
Visit the Smutketeers blog for contests running all week long to celebrate the release of BLOODSONG!

Oprah’s Summer Reading List…what it’s missing.

I was checking out Oprah’s recommendations for summer reading today and thought she had missed the mark. Totally. In the summer, I want hot, sexy, trashy books. (And yes, in the winter, too *g*)

My summer reading list for all the girls who want to read naughty smut as they lounge  by the pool:

Naked (Megan Hart)

Wolf Tales 10 (Kate Douglas)

Falcon’s Captive (Vonna Harper)

I Want it Now (Sydney Molare)

Into the Crossfire (Lisa Marie Rice)

Tempting the Fire (Sydney Croft)

Dark Embers (Tessa Adams)

Need Me (Shelli Stevens)

Nauti and Wild (Lora Leigh)

Kiss of the Rose (Kate Pearce)

Did I miss something? Leave the title in the comments. I’ll add it to my TBB list :)

For all of the readers who have been waiting patiently…

…I have a date for the release of the second book in my Masters of Sin series!

Lust’s Temptation, sequel to Wrath’s Embrace, will release July 14th!

Read a free excerpt HERE:

I hope it whets your appetite!

Blurby goodness

It took me all day yesterday, but I have FINALLY come up with a blurb for Lust’s Temptation that I’m happy with. I’m hoping the folks at Ellora’s Cave, and, more importantly, my readers agree!

Lust’s Temptation

Tawny Taylor

Book Two in the Masters of Sin series.

Troi and Amun—one dominant, the other submissive, both alpha—are possessed by the spirit of Lust. Its dark demands have tested their will every minute of every day for centuries. And they’ve committed deviant, selfish acts to satisfy its unrelenting carnal hunger. But the guilt doesn’t overwhelm them until they meet Oriel. She is their salvation, their peace. They need her. But they don’t deserve her.

Life’s lessons have taught Oriel not to trust anyone, especially gorgeous men who will use anyone for their own satisfaction. Granted, they’re sexy. Charming. Her body responds to their every look and touch. But she can’t—won’t—take a chance on them. Until she realizes she can run away, but she can’t escape from the emotions they stir.

As darkness closes in, Troi and Amun’s lives, and souls, hang in the balance. The beast will consume them if Oriel can’t accept her own dark needs and trust the two men who have stirred the decadent desires within her.

Note:  This book contains same-gender sex, group sex, and various and sundry other deliciously wicked acts, committed by two very naughty boys.

So, what do you think? Is it good? Great? Terrible? In your opinion, what makes a great blurb/back cover copy? Do you have a favorite? Have you read one and thought to yourself, OMG, that’s freaking brilliant! Post it in the comments!