Wrath’s Embrace – Masters Of Sin

Only one woman’s sexual surrender and loving touches can quiet the monster possessing them.


Cyr and Magus. Two immortal men, possessed by the spirit of Wrath. Its voice is never silent. Its evil demands almost impossible to resist. Driving their desires, testing their will every minute of every day.


Until they meet Gina.


They want her. They need her. Her love and submission. For she is the light to their darkness. Their peace. Their gift.


Tormented by her own denied passions, Gina is wary of the blatant masculinity of her new neighbors. They’re both gorgeous. They’re both charming. Seductive. Dominant. But below the surface she senses a seething rage, barely restrained, even while her body responds to every heated look, touch and word.


A battle is being waged-for the lives and souls of two men-and Gina is the key. As the darkness closes in and Magus and Cyr struggle with the malevolent beast threatening to consume them, only one woman’s sexual surrender and loving touches can save them.