Royally Wicked

Yeah, I’m a prince. But I’m no prince-effing-charming. I’m not looking to make some girl’s Cinderella fantasy come true.

Until I meet her. My Riley. My sexy, sweet little American with a body built for sin.

Which is fitting, since we’re in Las Vegas, Sin City. Where anything can happen. Even a guy like me falling in love–at first sight.

Now that I have her in my arms, and in my bed, I have no intention of letting her go. No matter what it takes.

She has no idea who I am.

She has no idea what I am.

She has no idea what I’m up to…

When she finds out the truth, will my princess let me sweep her off her feet, or will she put this knight-in-shining armor through the battle of his life?


Warning: This is a short, dirty, over-the-top story of insta-love that may make you throw down your Kindle and do naughty things in the dark. If you want a long read that’ll take you all summer to finish and inspire deep, philosophical thoughts try War and Peace.