Real Vamps Don’t Drink O-Neg

First Love Or First Bite?
Although Sophie Hahn works as a paranormal researcher, she doesn’t believe in ghosts, werewolves, or anything to do with the supernatural world. But when it appears that her best friend Dao is slowly being killed by a female vampire, her beliefs are put to the test. Dao’s new wife is the prime suspect, though she doesn’t look capable of hurting a fly, let alone sucking the life out of someone. On the other hand, watching Dao whither away to nothing isn’t an option. So if Sophie has to go vampire hunting, she’ll do it. . .

That’s when Sophie meets sexy college professor and vampire Ric Vogel, who needs her help in tracking down two ancient relics that have the power to end his people’s suffering forever–and save Dao. Great! But then how could she be falling so hard for something that doesn’t exist–a vampire? All she knows is that Ric’s blond, seductive looks are very real and his love bites feel too good to resist. . .Is Sophie prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the vamp of her dreams?

“Hilarious, wacky, and a pure hoot. . .Halloween will never be the same!” –L.A. Banks