Stepbrother Romance 2 – Consumed – A New Adult Alpha Billionaire Romance

For fans of Stepbrother Dearest and Stepbrother Billionaire

I hate him. I want him. I’m so effed.

Kent Payne is one of those guys – with a panty-melting body and an ego bigger than his…you get the picture. But he’s also a total tool and an irritating, arrogant pain in the ass. I was an idiot during spring break and handed him my V-card. And now it’s summer and things are worse than before. Even though the womanizing prick is a reckless a&&hole with women, whenever he comes near me, my body burns for his touch. Even though I know it’s stupid, I ache for the feel of his arms around me and I long for his kisses…

Until I learn he’s kept a secret from me. A very big secret that will change everything…

NOTE: Stepbrother Romance 2- Consumed is the second book in a THREE PART SERIAL with a “soft” cliffhanger ending.

Books in the Stepbrother Romance Serial:

Stepbrother Romance 1 – Obsessed

Stepbrother Romance 2 – Consumed

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