Bear with Me (A Shape Shifter Romance)

Book 2 of the Beast’s Mate Romantic Suspense series. (formerly titled Animal Urges, book 2: Touch of the Beast)

Katie Spenser is looking forward to some R & R with her best friend Abby when she makes the hellishly loooong trip from Chicago to Alaska. Unfortunately, rest and relaxation are not what she gets. Instead, it’s a missing best friend. Men who turn into freaking bears. And crazy-ass bad guys shooting guns at Abby and her new furry boyfriend. Yeah. Not the adventure she was expecting.

The only part of Katie’s so-called vacation that’s pleasant is Raul Zant. Raulll. Sounds like Rawrrr. And does he live up to his name. The guy is so sexually dominant that a mere glance produces delightful tingles and quivers of anticipation. But with those armed bad guys tailing their every move, the trick will be staying alive long enough to get a nibble or two…or more… from her hot beast.


Katie’s earlier thoughts of heading for safer parts were quickly banished from her head the moment Raul leaned over to kiss her. She hadn’t anticipated the kiss, although she’d thought about it enough. Oh hell, if she were honest with herself, she’d admit she’d begun to wonder what was taking him so long.

The kiss was lead-melting hot but not in a pushy or rushed way. His mouth brushed softly over hers at first, teasing and tickling. He had amazing lips. Soft and scrumptious. Then hard and demanding. They made her want to do things she’d never thought to try.

When his tongue got into the action she wondered what it would take to convince her to attempt every single one of those things. Today.

While his tongue stroked and tormented, his hands wandered. They started their journey on either side of her face. They smoothed down her neck, brushed over her shoulders then drifted down her arms.

She broke the kiss to drag in a much-needed breath. Oxygen deprivation had most definitely set in.

Their gazes locked. She saw something strange in his eyes, a shadow shifting across irises the shade of the earth, like someone walking by a window in a darkened room.

His fingers tightened around her upper arms. His mouth pulled into a narrow line. He looked like a guy who was about to lose it.

Her breathing quickened.

“I don’t know what it is about you.” He lifted one of his hands to her face again. His index finger traced her lower lip, leaving a trail of pleasant tingles behind. “No touch is enough. No kiss…”

She knew the feeling. Insanity or not, she couldn’t deny it any longer. She wanted him to take her. Now.

She laid her hand over his and closed her eyes. The scent of man and crisp outdoor air drifted to her nose. Her pussy burned. The sound of his heavy breathing echoed in her head. Together, the sensations intensified her desire to new and urgent heights.

“Raul,” she whispered. “What’s happening?”

She opened her eyes as he eased her onto her back on the bed. He gazed down at her for a least a bazillion stuttering heartbeats, maybe more.

“I’m going to take you,” he answered, his eyes telling her he’d accept nothing but acquiescence.


He kissed her again. This time his mouth was hard and demanding, punishing. His hands closed over her breasts and kneaded them through the material of her knit top and bra. She reached up and dug her fingernails into the crisp cotton covering his shoulders.


Seeming to read her mind, he shifted positions until his body was pressed against her length and his erection ground against her pubis. The weight felt wonderful, the friction amazing.

Still not enough.

He sat back, caught her wrists in his fists and pinned them up over her head to the mattress.

Now he was getting somewhere!

“Yes,” she whispered, writhing under him. She needed his cock between her legs. She needed it now. She’d suffered long enough.

She’d been stupid to think she could be friends with this man, that she’d be able to resist the sensual promise in his wicked grin and deep voice, or that she’d be able to stand firm against the desire he’d so masterfully stirred within her. The tormenting had started hours ago. The sly glances and teasing touches. The definitive moment, when her will had been thoroughly defeated, had been in the restaurant. When he’d forced her legs apart with his knees and traced soft, winding lines up her thighs. If his intention had been to seduce her today, he’d succeeded. In a big way.

She willingly submitted. Her body was his. She couldn’t take another second of agony.