Alpha Billionaire Bad Boy – Jerk 2

Clay Walker, you f#cking jerk, this is war!

I hate that f#cking jerk Clay Walker! He’s been making my life a living hell since I was five. He punched my v-card when I was eighteen, and then, stupid me, I let him seduce me out of my panties again last week. If only I could say goodbye to the a**hole for good. But I can’t. You see, I inherited my aunt’s ranch. And guess who’s the ranch foreman? You got it. That f#cking jerk. And he’s out to make me even more miserable than ever.

Did I mention he’s also insanely hot–like,  face of an angel and the body of a devil? And he’s learned new wicked, deliciously naughty ways of tormenting me?

So now there’s me, the good girl, locking horns with the untamed bad boy. And if I lose, I lose everything–my self-respect, my pride. And maybe even my aunt’s estate.

But I’m no pushover. I’m not going to take any of his shit lying down. Not again.